Self Esteem Activities

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Are Self Esteem Activities important to the work you do?
Are you Special Educational Needs Coordinator?
Are you a Special Ed Teacher?
Do you work with young people who have low confidence or low self-esteem?
Are you a school whose kids are not doing as well as they should be?

Well you might be interested in our course The Genesis eXperience for Special Needs (emotional/behavioural)kids.

The Genesis eXperience - has been presented to over 80,000 young people (aged 10 to 19) from the following backgrounds.

  • Kids from care homes.
  • Low Achievers
  • Mentally/sexually abused kids.
  • Kids that came from bad-parenting families.
  • Kids who have been the subject of violence, lack of love and Kids not doing well in education
  • It focuses on:

  • Making young people believe in themselves.
  • Helping them get rid of the negative beliefs about who they are.
  • Increasing their self-respect, esteem and confidence.
  • Giving them the courage to face the problems and challenges in their lives.
  • It is presented over a 1 or 2 day period or can be presented as modules over a longer period of time.

    It was created by Tom Hendry who has had similar experiences to those above. So there is a great deal of empathy woven into the content of the course. It really works. It really does help young people.

    You can apply for a licence and run it yourself using our course materials. Any teacher, teaching assistant or trainer can present this course after a couple of hours of self-study.

    To read feedback comments from some of the young people who have participated in the course please go here To read some of the comments from schools and organisations please go to

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