Self Esteem Course

Our highly effective Self Esteem Course was created in 1999 and over 80,000 have participated since then.

The course was originally created to help young people who had low self esteem, low confidence or who lacked motivation. It is now being delivered to people of all ages.

It was created by Tom Hendry whose experiences include the following:

Father in prison
Family on benefit
Children and Foster homes
Leaving school with no academic qualifications

He had low self esteem for much of his younger life.

The course has evolved over the years thanks to the stories, experiences and input from many of the young people who participated. It is dedicated to them.

The course's aims are as follows:

To prove to each and every person that they are as good as any other person.

To show that anyone can find happiness, peace and joy when they begin to love and respect themselves.

To prove that each of us can achieve great things and overcome great adversity when we find that part of us that many people call the human spirit.

The course is now being offered as a franchise and can be licensed by teachers, teaching assistants or youth trainers and presented to any group of people using our course materials. It comes with a Tutors Transcript Manual which is split into modules together with course manuals for the participants. It can be run over 1 to 2 days or in a series of modules over a longer period of time.

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