Self Motivation Tips

self motivation tips for teachers, students, parents

Self Motivation Tips are for everybody. Why? Because we all need them. We need Motivation. YOU need Motivation. Everybody needs Motivation. That is why we are pleased to give you all the Self Motivation Tips that we have used since starting our Motivation Business in 1999.

We know that they will help you but only if you are prepared to sacrifice a little of your time.

You must have goals and objectives to aim for. Once you know where you are going you can plan to get there. For instance, what do you want to achieve in the next 12 months, the next 5 years and the next 10 years. Get a pen and paper or a computer and note them down under 3 columns.

You need lots of confidence and high self-esteem. We all do. The greatest way to achieve this is to get rid of our negative beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs. You can find all our positive beliefs on the Student Resources page. Feel free to post them on your blog, website, etc. This is our most powerful belief,

I will love and respect myself every day of my life.

What resources do you have or can call upon to start achieving your goals. For example I would like to learn to sculpt or paint from real life. I know that I can go to college and sign up for an inexpensive course that will teach me. Or, I might want my own car on the road within 2 years. So, I find out how much I need to buy it, then I plan how to save for it and in the meantime I am learning to drive.

There are 24 hours in each day. I sleep for about 8 of them. That leaves 16. If I decide to take only 30 mins out of each day to learn about a subject, I will be devoting nearly 5 weeks to it every year. There is a strong possibility that I could become an expert on that subject.

I cannot motivate myself when I am unhealthy, lack vitality or have little or no energy. So, I need to create a Plan. The Plan will include a health diet, a de-stressing programme and a training regime. Eat your way to health daily by following a sugar, salt and fat free diet. De-stress yourself every day using deep relaxation techniques, diaphragm breathing techniques and meditation. And, train at least 3 times per week swimming, cycling, running, gym-work for at least 30 minutes.

Positive Thinking
Watch The Secret film on this website and then start to focus on all that is good about you and the world around you. Focus on your strengths, skills, abilities and qualities. Visualise yourself being successful instead of failing. See your self achieving in everything from exams to job interviews to meeting people.

More Self Motivation Tips to follow soon.

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