Speed Learning

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Knowledge is one of life's greatest gifts. We hope our Speed Learning information and techniques will increase your knowledge FASTER and help you to achieve more.

Speed Learning techniques start with basic techniques. For instance:

Repeat information like names and phone numbers, over and over again. How many times have you been introduced to someone only to forget their name a few minutes later? Once you tell the brain something over and over again it will generally stick. If you reinforce that repetition every so often then it will really stick.

Be alert. Don't slouch when learning. It tells your brain you are relaxing and are not in learning mode. Think about a lazy person. How do they sit, stand, walk, talk? Do the opposite. Always sit upright. Always stand as if you have conquered the world. Walk like a leader. Talk positively and enthusiastically. These all send the right messages to your brain.

Listen to the sounds of the words you are trying to remember. If you are an auditory learner you respond best to sounds. Words and phrases like - tune into, ringing, sound, hear, discuss, interview, listen, loud, remark, rumour, say, speechless,clear as a bell, keynote speaker, sounds like, bells ringing, the power of speech, to tell you the truth, word for word, purrs like a kitten,.

Organise your information in a spatial way. See it in a linear fashion or a flowchart fashion. Whatever works best for you. Spatial Visual learners like to see things, make pictures of things. Colour, distance, space are all important. Make Mind Maps. with information that radiate our from the centre.

Use the the first letter of subjects/items you wish to remember to make a word or sentence. For example remembering colours:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)
Rough old & young germs bring irritating viruses

Remembering the planets:

(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)
Make victory exciting, marvelous & jubilant. See us normal people.

Try and use your sense of smell if possible. This is believed to be the most powerful sense we have as it goes back to when we were single cell amoebas searching for our food using smell. You can probably remember the smell of your baby food or the smell of baking cakes or of your school or maybe a hospital you visited. Very powerful. Relate smells to information. For example you could relate the smell of newly cut grass to an item in agriculture, farming, geography. Or, the smell of hamburgers to a city like Hamburg in Germany. You can be really creative with this method.

Now we move into more advanced techniques for Speed Learning.

Speed Reading for Studying

  • First, no distractions.
  • Turn off the television, computer or anything else and ensure you have silence.
  • If you want to do a quick scan then read the important words and leave out the fillers.
  • If you want more information read groups of words. Start seeing full sentences rather than words. Your eyes should take in a few words at a time.
  • Don't subvocalize or say each word to yourself when reading.
  • Train yourself not to reread. Try and not skip back to words. One method is to put your finger under the middle of the line you are reading and then slowly bring it down to the next line and so on. As you get better you will speed this up. Practice, practice and practice.
  • Memory Techniques
    Memory techniques abound. You can train yourself on numbers. For instance a phone number might be 012345 6789. To remember this you could create a storyline. The more stupid the better.

  • 0 - I had zero money in my savings today.
  • 1 - But, then I found one pound down my chair. Yippee.
  • 2 - I bought two cookies/buns because I was really hungry.
  • 3 - This made my stomach 3" bigger"
  • 4 - So, I decided to do 4 press ups to get rid of it.
  • 5 - It was 5pm so I went and met John my friend.
  • 6 - He lives at number 6
  • 7 - We had 7 cups of tea
  • 8 - as we watched television together until 8pm
  • 9 - I left at 9pm
  • The secret of this story technique is that it has a beginning middle and end. You follow a process. Try it with your credit cards, your bank account or your number passwords.

    A very powerful speed learning learning technique is to use your visual sense. The majority of people are visual learners, however, if not you can still apply their other senses to what is being described.

    If I want to remember the following 10 items/things I create visual pictures.

    Bun, shoe, tree, door, hive, sticks, seven, gate, vine, hen.

    Again being stupid works best!

  • Imagine a big bread BUN floating in the sky.
  • Sticking out the side of the bread bun is a glass SHOE.
  • Coming out the bottom of the glass shoe is the top of a TREE.
  • At the bottom of the tree is a DOOR.
  • You will open the door, go inside and see a golden bee-HIVE.
  • Underneath the bee-hive are some STICKS placed like the spokes on a cycle wheel - all pointing out.
  • You can count SEVEN sticks.
  • You then look from the sticks up to the front of the bee-hive and you see a little GATE.
  • You open the gate and look inside where you see a purple VINE growing all over the wall.
  • Sitting on the purple vine is a little brown HEN.

    Now close your eyes and remember what you see starting with number 1. Did you notice they all rhyme with each other! This is not essential just an observation and it makes it easier to remember the items.

    Speed Learning works. It can have a positive impact on your education, your career, your life. Speed Learning Techniques are tools. If you use them they will help you achieve.

    We have an Online version of the above Memory Technique that goes a little bit further. It shows you to remember up to 50 bits of information in order, in less than 1 hour.

    I recommend the following books for you or your students. They are a great investment.

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