Stress Causes

Stress causes are numerous. The list below is based roughly on the severity of the stress relating to the cause. However, we are all different and some of us can be deeply stressed from some of the causes at the bottom of the list.

We are also 'wired up' differently. In other words some of us can cope more effectively than others. In a way we could say that - it is not what happens in life it is our reaction to what happens in life. This really determines how we cope. How we react.

Is it possible to be more positive and withstand the pressures of stress? I believe we can, but we have to work hard at it. We have to love and respect ourselves. We have to take quality time out for ourselves. We have to relax and meditate away the symptoms of stress. We have to prevent rather than fight stress.

Stress Causes

  1. Spouse’s death
  2. Divorce
  3. Marriage separation
  4. Jail term
  5. Death of a close relative
  6. Pressure to perform at work or at school
  7. Problems with your children
  8. Threats of physical violence
  9. Injury or illness
  10. Money problems
  11. Fired from job
  12. Made redundant
  13. Bullying
  14. Drugs/alcohol
  15. Marriage reconciliation
  16. Retirement
  17. Arguments
  18. Family conflicts
  19. Unemployment
  20. Moving house
  21. Diet
  22. Bad health

Teacher Stress is where you will find stress-busting techniques to help you overcome the daily stresses in your life.

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