Stress Nutrition

If you are experiencing a lot of stress in your life and it's affecting how you work and socialise then you need to focus on the following. Here are our suggestions for what you must do with regard to Stress Nutrition.

  1. Immediately cut out all caffeine drinks. Tea, coffee, colas.
  2. Drink green tea, fruit tea, herbal tea (camomile) or even hot water with lemon
  3. Start taking multivitamins every day especially ones rich in B Vitamins
  4. Eat plenty of live 'waterfoods' such as fruit, not including bananas
  5. Cut down on sugar as this will affect your blood sugar levels and could affect your emotions. See Hypoglycemia.
  6. Cut down on salt as this adds to high blood pressure. See Hypertension.
  7. Start drinking more water as this will help flush toxins out of your system and hydrate you. Also it might help you to get rid of bad breath. Approximately 8 glasses per day.
  8. Cut out processed foods with levels of chemical additives and E numbers. They can cause hyperactivity.
  9. Ensure you don't have any allergies to wheat or dairy foods.If you do cut them out immediately
  10. Always eat breakfast in the morning as this gets your system working for the day.

If you do all of the above there is a good chance you will begin to feel a difference in your vitality, your emotions and your energy levels.

If you a nutritionist and would like to add to the above list please contact us.

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