Stress Reducer Cards for Teachers and Students

Stress Reducer Cards or Mood Cards are simple biofeedback tools. They are designed to give you an indication of stress by checking your temperature. When you are stressed your temperature can drop as low as 80° Fahrenheit. When you are calm it can go up to 96° Fahrenheit.

When you are stressed the temperature in your fingers, hands, toes and feet reduces. This is because the blood is being taken away for use by your internal organs and large arm and leg muscle groups. It is a mild version of the fight or flight mode.

When you are calm the blood goes back to your fingers and toes.

The Stress Reducer Cards work by pressing on the square for a few seconds and then checking the colour. If the colour is blue or green you are pretty much calm, but if the colour is red or black you are stressed.

The idea is to use them regularly to check your stress levels. Once you know you are stressed you can do something about it. You can start the Stress Relief Breathing Technique and the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

They are designed to be put in your wallet or purse just like a credit card.

Price is $1.45 each and we can supply larger orders at discount for your school. Please contact us for larger orders.

biofeedback stress thermometer

If you are interested in our Stress Reducer Cards you may also be interested in our Biofeedback Stress Thermometer These work on the same principal but are extremely accurate in their temperature reading - in fact to 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit You can actually see yourself de-stressing as you use our rhythmic breathing technique. Please click on the link above for more information.

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