Stress Relief Breathing Technique

We use many techniques in our courses. Our Stress Relief Breathing Technique is the most powerful because many participants give us positive feedback on it.

Right now put your hand on your stomach and breath naturally. Probably not possible now that you are focusing on your breathing!. Anyhow, check if your stomach is moving in and out with each breath. If so then no problem. You are breathing naturally into the bottom part of your lungs and your internal organs are being properly massaged by your diaphragm.

If not, then your chest is expanding and your shoulders are moving up and down. Not good because you are breathing into the top or middle part of your lungs. Which means that you probably wont have a proper oxygen and carbon dioxide balance in your body.

If you don't have this correct balance you could be experiencing nervousness, anxiety, up and down emotions, tiredness, lethargy or stress. Some of the many symptoms of bad breathing.

OK, so let's look at the Stress Relief Breathing Technique

Sit down in a chair or lie comfortably on the floor or on your bed.

Start breathing naturally through your nose. Why because the mucous membrane and hair in your nose will stop all the rubbish getting into your lungs. The air is also warmed before it hits your lungs.

Imagine a balloon behind your belly button. When you breathe in you will inflate the balloon and when you breathe out you will deflate it.

Now, after a few breaths start counting 6 seconds for each inhalation and 6 seconds for each exhalation. There should be a natural 1 to 3 second pause in between breaths. You will need to practice this until you are comfortable with it.

Once you find this quite easy you can then begin to increase the count to 8 seconds. Your goal is 10 seconds. This could take you little while before you can achieve. Don't worry there is no rush.

You are going to breathe this way every day for the rest of your life. During the day when you have a few minutes, breathe this way. At night when you first go to bed, breathe this way. When you wake up in the morning, breathe this way.

Breathe this way more so particularly when you have a stressful event or situation coming up.

When you breathe this way you are actually taking yourself into something akin to hibernation. Your heart rate slows, your blood pressure goes down and your stress levels reduce. Not surprising as you are only taking 3 breaths per minute!

For some of you this Stress Relief Breathing technique may make a huge difference in your life. I know of people who have stopped biting their nails, who are more calm and much more in control of their lives.

This breathing technique is similiar to a Rhythmic breathing technique covered in a book that was written more than 100 years ago by an Indian Yogi. You can get a free ecopy by joining our Newsletter.

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