Student Resume

This is an example Student Resume/CV for those about to embark on a career. You can copy and paste it onto your own word document, add your own details and print it off.

A Resume/CV should be simple, truthful, concise and no more than 2 pages long. Use KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.

It should tell the Job Interviewer as much about you in as little words as possible because he/she has to sift through many applications.

It should show especially your qualifications, your achievements and strengths. Don’t be modest. These give the interviewer a feel for who you are. Don’t forget your Resume/CV is selling you.

Do not use cheap light photocopier paper that is going to fall apart in the interviewer’s hands. Use heavy paper.

Do not buy a fancy folder to put it in. It will probably be thrown away as your Resume/CV will be put with a pile of others. A simple folder will do.

Do not add a photograph unless requested. Pre-interview sifting of applications can sometimes be judgemental about faces.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Joe Smith
1 The Drive
Telephone: 012345 6789


Berryhil Primary School. 1996 - 2002
Bethany High School. 2002 – 2006
6 GCSEs – Math, A; English, C; Science, A; French, B; Geography, B; History, D.


Work Experience
Trainee Manager. McTavish Ltd.
Computer Programming. ABC & Partners.
Work Asssistant. Hereford School. Kids with Autism.


Summer Camp. Mentor. 2004
Charity Bike Ride - Egypt, Red Sea. 2005
Won the regional football final.


Talents, Skills, Strengths
Lateral Thinking. Have the ability to think outside the box.
Good communication skills. The ability to work within a team.
Creative. Design websites.


Interests, ActivitiesSailing and racing dinghies.
Fishing. Sea and River.
Internet. Computer games.

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