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Student Self Help is not just for Students it is for teenagers and and anyone else who lacks motivation, has low confidence and self-esteem or just needs a push in life. You will find a great many things that will help push you forward especially when times are tough, positive belief techniques to keep you focused when you hit challenges in your life and inspirational quotes, posters and poems to help you on your journey of self-discovery - to find the true you.

Are you sitting exams? Are you behind in your studies? Is your memory letting you down? Well, you will find some great ideas here at Speed Learning

Student Survival Kit If you are easily stressed or find it difficult to cope with the pressures of life then this is for you.

Free Stuff for Teenagers This is the place to go for our free stuff for teenagers. Be inspired and watch The Secret, de-stress yourself with our free book, increase your memory, read about learning techniques and more.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Your life will be full of problems, challenges and setbacks. Let's hope they will be small ones. But, sometimes something comes along that floors us. It can even impact negatively on our confidence and self-esteem. The good news is that these are phases we are going through and phases generally never last. They do, however, force you to go on a journey of discovery to find strengths you never thought you had.

confident teenager

Are you 18 plus?
Do you have a story to tell about overcoming the problems or challenges in your life? Do you have regrets about leaving school with no low or no qualifications and want to tell other younger kids not to make the same mistakes as you?

We are looking for videos to put on our website from teenagers and young adults to help motivate and inspire younger kids. If you live in an area of the UK where we run courses we might even invite you to speak at one of our Esteem Building or Motivation courses. And, we might even pay you!

Your story and/or video will be put on its own webpage for others to see.

Please send us your details below.

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I managed to find a way of returning to university at 49 years of age. All my life I had low self esteem, and one of the issues was that I never completed …

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In my school life, I was an average student in studies. No one gave me the confidence to find talents. Now I feel that I coul do much more good in my studies …

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Deanne. Brisbane/Australia

This story/video is about a young woman whose personal challenges included mental health issues, sexuality, eating disorders, homelessness and self harm.

She quotes "I know reconnecting with my family/friends was a really big part of finding meaning in my life. Moving to Brisbane, somewhere I feel I belong, gave me a connection to myself. A connection that made me feel as if I only started existing when I felt I belonged where I was, my mind finally felt connected to the body it walked in and to the ground on which my body walked.
Age and maturity definately helped. With maturity I began to become more self aware of my mind, thoughts and behaviours. With this self awareness comes the ability to identify when I may be slipping again so I can engage in support before I engage in previous destructive ways to cope with living with a mental illness.
I know the easiest moments are the moments I feel I have purpose and meaning to my existance. Whether this be a good job, a satisfying school experience, a good group of friends or an enjoyable hobby...feeling a sense of accomplishment feeds the healthy part of my mind. The more I feed this healthy part of my mind with positive fuel, the better my mind works and the less chance there is for my negative mind to take control. For so long I depended on psychiatrists, hospital staff and others to get me well but I have realised the only one who can keep me well
I need to read the warning signs, I need to live a healthy lifestyle, I need to engage in support when I feel I should and I need to hold onto and connect with who I really am. I spent too many years connecting with and feeding energy to my illness, it consumed me and I identified with it causing me to loose sight of Deanne and only see mental illness. I still need to connect with Deanne some days, connect with my values and morals, to ensure I don't loose sight of myself and who I really am. I am not a mental illness, I am Deanne, a young woman who has a mental illness."

You can view her video here: Deanne's Video on Youtube.

Qualites of a Good Teenager So, do you think you measure up? Do you really believe you are as good as you think you are? Or, have you got a lot of maturing to do. As teenagers we think we know ourselves well. In fact, it would take many lifetimes to find out exactly who we are. Life is a Journey and not a Destination. Become a special human being.

Why your exams are crucial to your future Your school exams are probably one of the most important challenges in your teenage years. The first step onto the ladder. They will help to establish what you will do with your future in terms of further or higher education and ultimately your career. If you don't take that important first step your life will be much more difficult.

How to Prepare for Your Exams It's a rare person who can hit their exams unprepared with no discipline and do well. You need to establish a plan of action at least 9 months before and you can find out how to do that here. Prepare, prepare and then prepare again.

Memory Technique If you think have a bad memory then you will pleased to know that so do vast majority of us. You will find a simple technique for accelerated learning and recalling much more than you ever thought possible. This is a great example of Student Self Help. You can achieve so much more when you apply yourself.

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Free link exchange to your site or blog Have a look here if you have a website, blog or are a member of one of the many social networks. You can put your link here for free. Our goal is to bring students from different parts of the world together to share ideas, stories and compete for best website. NEW.

Inspirational Student Quotes Be the change you want to see in world. Gandhi You will find more. If you have a great Inspirational Student Quotes please send it to us.

Teen Stress An interesting view on what causes Teen Stress.

How to De-Stress Yourself Want to know what stress is and how it affects you? You can find out here plus learn the techniques that will help you combat it especially before your exams.

Personal Achievement Diary In this tough world full of problems and challenges, all of which we need to overcome, we need all the resources we can get. A Personal Achievement Diary will allow you to bring all your achievements and successes together. A great resource when you are going through a low point in your life. You will also find a link here to a wonderful range of diaries/journals.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy plus The Secret Film You see what you focus on. Your experience is based on your expectations. The way you think, positively or negatively, creates the person you become. You can think, talk and act positively but you have to work at it. Find out here. Watch the film The Secret if you believe that there are things in the universe beyond our comprehension. The big message is you can control your future by how you think. This is one wow film clip. You can see the first 20 mins for free.

Learn Lateral Thinking the Fun Way How many sides has a circle? Where are the kings and queen of England crowned? What was the highest mountain in the world before Mt Everest was discovered? These are examples of Lateral Thinking or Right Brain Thinking. The more you do the better you will become at Problem Solving and this is always a great strength on a job CV.

Recommended Film Clips Have a look at our great Film Clip Slideshow. Try and remember who said what. Also you will find our favourite film clips and how they can help with confidence, positive mental thinking, determination, etc.

Accelerated Learning Learn how you learn. Once you know how you learn you will be thinking of ways to apply it.

Bullying Find out more about what bullying is and what you can do about it. Bullying is a major reason why we set up Student Self Help. There are things you can do to stop Bullying. Leave your story.

Inspirational Teacher Has a teacher ever inspired you? What did they do or say? What did you overcome or achieve because of this inspirational teacher? We would love to read your story here.

Great Role Models One day you might be one so you might as well get an idea of what makes someone become one. We are always looking for new role models so if you have one please let us know.

Teenagers Money Management Here you will find tips and ideas for managing your money. If you have any good ideas you can also add them.

Free Courses for Your School or College Please inform your school or college that they can apply for a free course at our website.

Alcohol Abuse Read this if alcohol is a problem for you.

  • Probably The Best Motivational Posters for Students in the World. Checkout these Categories: College, Motivation and Humour)
  • Inspirational quotes. A great student poster showing achievement, confidence, and courage.

    At Student Self Help you will find many things that will help you with your education, especially your exams, the barriers and problems you face in life and your confidence and self-esteem. No matter where you are, who you are or what you are studying our tips and techniques will help you achieve success.

    Student Self-Help is about 'self-help'. That means you helping you. Taking action. It's about you coming out of your comfort zone, taking that step forward, shaking off all that rubbish that you have been carrying around. You need to get motivated. You need to find that determination and persistence deep down inside you. You need to grow a positive mental attitude.

    If you think you will never achieve at school or college then you have already put up a huge barrier that will stop you moving forward. Your self-image can either be your greatest barrier or it can be your greatest motivator.

    Low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubt come from 'believing' that you are not good enough, not intelligent enough, not as clever as others. Let me tell you that if you believe these things YOU ARE 100% WRONG! You need to change your beliefs.

    You are as good as any person on this planet. You have strengths, abilities, qualities and skills just waiting to be found. You will achieve in life, but only if you have enough fire in your belly. Commonly, known as passion.

    From today you are going to begin to get rid of that negative little voice or those negative thoughts that keep churning over inside your head. From today you are going to start questioning, arguing, disagreeing and standing up to that side of you that is negative.

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

    You are about to find the real you, the powerful you, the great you, the spiritual you. The human spirit is the greatest thing in the universe and you are it.

    At Student Self Help it is our intention to give you as much as possible to help you in your journey towards success. We will give you learning tips and techniques, resources to help you overcome the barriers that you face, sources that can help you with any fears or phobias that you may have. You will find many things over the coming weeks so please add our link to your blog, website or bring us up in forums. Lastly, please visit Student Self Help regularly.

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