Students Exams and why they are crucial to your future

Around the turn of the century research was carried out and it was found that 75% of the working population in the UK hated their jobs. Some articles report that America had a similar high rate.

What is the one thing that every human being in the world is searching for – happiness?

Well, those 75 % statistics won’t be happy most of the time because they will wake up everyday feeling miserable. They will spend most of their waking hours doing something they hate. Every day Monday to Friday, week after week, month after month, year after year - to age 65 if they are lucky or possibly even 70 if they are unlucky.

The world is changing. Demographics are changing. People will be expected to fund their own pensions. Governments will probably have to find ways to reduce state pensions because of population explosions. Or, pay them later in a person’s life.

One of the reasons why a large proportion of those people hate their jobs is because they didn’t get the education/qualifications necessary to get the job/career that they really wanted.

Did you know that your education will probably determine your standard of living?

Standard of living will generally determine:

the type of car you drive the size of house you live in the location where you live the quality of holidays you takethe comforts in your lifethe lifestyle you havethe age at which you retire

And, your education is directly related to your income. In America research showed that someone who achieved a degree will earn, on average, one-third more than someone who left school with just a few qualifications. That one-third over a lifetime is a lot of money!

If you think your education is only for you, think again! It’s also for your kids and most of you will have kids. Who will help them with their education, their homework, their life, if not you?

Talking about kids, what’s more important, them and their future or you and drugs, crime or gangs? Can you teach kids right from wrong, good from bad, morals and ethics, if you are not a good role model?

To bring up a special human being you need to be a special human being yourself.

One of the biggest challenges for most teenagers these days is peer pressure or ‘sheep mentality’. You have to follow, be, do, act like others because only then are you accepted. If you don’t you open yourself to bullying, being out on your own, called names, looked down upon. If you do follow others, if you are influenced by negative role models then the biggest tragedy is some of you will lose your identity, your uniqueness because you are living someone else’s life.

Don’t follow others unless they are great, positive role models. You have much to give the world, yourself. There is no-one like you, never has and never will be.

Don’t ever forget that knowledge and use of that knowledge will help determine the person that you eventually become.

Where is the foundation of knowledge – your school.

school = education
education = knowledge
knowledge = power
power = respect
respect = happiness

Focusing on your education and your exams will allow you to take a quantum leap into a future where you will achieve and succeed.

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