Student Teacher Survival Guide

Inspirational quotes. This inspirational quote for student teachers makes us think about how much we push ourselves. I believe we could all go that extra mile. We just need to want it badly enough.

We hope our Student Teacher Survival Guide will help you in your your new teaching career. It is based on our work with thousands of students and working with hundreds of schools.

If you are a teacher with many years experience then please help new teachers by giving them your stories, tips, techniques.

  1. Inspire yourself by watching this Inspirational Teacher Quotes Flash Video
  2. Listen to senior teachers with many years service. They are survivors. Get yourself a role model
  3. Be assertive, firm and always, always respectful.
  4. Important. Stress causes negative emotions, short tempers and loss of control. You MUST follow a daily De-Stressing Fitness Regime. Go to Teacher Stress
  5. Learn how to be a great communicator. Study (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming, non-verbal body language as it accounts for 93% of your communication. Learn VAK - visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning and teaching styles. This will allow you to teach more effectively.
  6. Inspire and motivate your students with role models, stories of achievement and success. See our Online Teaching Course below.
  7. Make your subject come alive. Teach it with conviction, creativity and passion.
  8. Manage your emotions by dissociating or stepping outside yourself and observing how you speak and act.
  9. Be philosophical. You will have bad days. It is how you will deal with them that makes you a survivor
  10. Use appropriate punishment for challenging behaviour, but also empathise to get to the root cause of the behaviour.
  11. Show you are in control of yourself and your class by using relaxed, non-emotional body language and gestures.
  12. Be consistent in your discipline. Don't have favourites and treat everyone equal.
  13. Focus on the behaviour not the student.
  14. Tell them how their behaviour makes you feel.
  15. Create a list of Do’s and Don’ts.
  16. Do not show dislike for any student. See Pygmalion Effect for teachers.
  17. Be big enough to apologise if you have made a mistake with a student.
  18. Build a positive attitude in yourself and your students.
  19. Introduce yourself to all teachers. Even those who might seem a bit distant. They can be a real help in the first weeks.
  20. Plan and prepare. Get it right and don’t have students laughing at your mistakes.
  21. Learn as many different teaching techniques as you can. These and your personality are what makes your subject interesting.
  22. Join all Teacher Forums on the internet. You will learn many things from the thousands of teachers who are members. Start with
  23. and
  24. Create a comfortable, friendly environment. Use posters quotations, students’ work, colours, shapes, music, textures.
  25. Be aware of and limit distractions such as windows with no blinds, noises, students walking by, etc.
  26. Seat students who either need extra help or have challenging attitudes close to you. If possible seat them and yourself in a circle.
  27. Use your students names often and in a positive way.
  28. Be different. Be unique. Use Motivational Lesson Plans
  29. Let students help in setting rules and expectations. If they own them they are more likely to adhere to them.
  30. Emphasise individual student effort, behaviour and reward with praise, positive calls to parents, awards/certificates, lollipops!
  31. Begin class with a daily “warm-up” activity. Try our Lateral Thinking Problems.
  32. Check for understanding and review during every lesson.
  33. Always remember the best discipline is preventative discipline.
  34. Learn classroom management techniques from the 'veterans'.
  35. Watch inspirational films especially those about Teachers. Pay it Forward. Dead Poets Society. To Sir With Love. Dangerous Minds. Go here for more films and to order through Amazon. Films
  36. Create your own student teacher survival guide. Grow it over the years
  37. Floss and smile

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