A Teaching and Survival Guide for Teachers

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Teaching Teacher Teach - Effective Teaching Strategies and Survival Guide for Teachers. An excellent book which is full of learning techniques, personal development and many tips on how to work with young people.

This digital book is for teachers at all levels especially new teachers and those working with challenging young people.

Teaching Teacher Teach covers the following subjects.

Motivation in the Classroom
How to bring the best out in your students. Inspire them by using our stories of achievement.

How to Think Positively
How to get rid of that negative voice that controls us. How to use visualisation and vocal techniques.

How to use Hook Activities to Focus Young People
You will find some exciting ideas to help you bond more with your young people. You can be that inspirational teacher whose classes are always popular.

Accelerated Learning
Learn how to teach more effectively using accelerated learning techniques.

How to Control Anxiety and Reduce Fear
You will find two amazing techniques that could make a huge difference and give you a freedom you never thought possible.

Your Communication Style
Learn about the different communication styles and how to use your style more effectively.

Self-Esteem and Confidence
Learn how to love and repect yourself through those personal challenges in your life.

How to Create a Positive Atmosphere in your Classroom
Create a new, vibrant, positive and welcoming classroom for your students.

How to Teach with Creativity and Passion
Learn how others inspired young people.

You will find inspirational teachers quotes, stress-busting techniques and numerous free downloads of books, motivational posters and self-help techniques within the book.

The book also has links to inspirational videos and teacher resources.

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