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Run our Motivation Course in your school, college or youth training organisation

Do you have low achievers or at risk, vulnerable young people in your in your school or college?

Would you like an esteem building course that over 80,000 young people have participated in?

The Genesis eXperience is an esteem building and motivation course for young people especially those mentioned above. It can be presented by teachers, teaching assistants or learning mentors as a series of modules or as a 1 to 2-day course.

The first year licence is free.

If you would like more information please

contact us.

A great slideshow for schools, teachers and students on motivation

Professional Sound and Vision Slideshows

Inspire and motivate your students at assemblies or teachers/staff at meetings. Here you will find a free 2 minute screening of our Positive Beliefs and Action Slideshow.


learning revolution, best seller, biggest selling book china

The Learning Revolution

When we first came across this book it blew us away. The Learning Revolution sold 10 million copies in 12 months. This accelerated learning book is written in such a way that you read all the left hand pages first to get a profile of each subject and then you read all the right hand pages to get the content. This book is a must for every teacher and the great news is you can read it for free here

The Learning Revolution

Motivational Posters

If you want to motivate and inspire your students then the walls of your school, college or university should be covered with positive and very powerful words and pictures. Even if they don't look at them every day the subliminal effects will still be working.

You will find stunning pictures and memorable words under categories such as Motivation, Education and Humour here....

The Best Educational, Motivational Posters in the World

Your Own Website in simple easy steps

Did you know you can build your own website at very low cost, around the subject that you teach and it will probably pay for itself each year and more through google advertising and other money generating ideas?

There are many reasons to have a website

  1. For your teaching subject
  2. Where your students can work on your subject outside school hours
  3. For a personal interest or hobby
  4. To give you another stream of income
  5. To create a global business

Our website was easily created and promoted using the excellent tools that Sitesell provide.

They will:

  • Give you the tools
  • Help you build it
  • Show you how to promote it
  • Introduce you to thousands of other website builders
  • Click here for more information and case studies.


    Would you like to run an online business alongside your teaching career?

    These guys show you how to start up and run a successful online business using their skills and experience.

    Click Here!

    smartdraw templates for schools colleges universities teachers and students


    Every school, college and university should have this Template Software. It creates Templates in all shapes and sizes and most subjects.

  • SWOT
  • MAPS
  • You can download a FREE trial here:

    Smartdraw for Schools and Businesses

    Stress reducing technque for teachers and students, schools and colleges

    DeStressing DVD

    As a teacher you know better than most that you need to work hard at de-stressing. Although there are a lucky few that can take everything in their stride. This revolutionary sound technology allows you to synchronize your brainwaves to achieve a desired state - or feeling. You can now dissolve mental stress daily and be much more in control and relaxed. There is a free demo 100% money back guarantee and you get a 1 hour Tranquil Meditation and a 10 minute Refresh and Focus download.

    Tranquil Meditation

    Professional development for teachers, schools and colleges

    Professional Development

    "Give us 360 minutes of your time and we’ll show you how to get your ideal classroom."

    From Experienced Teachers. Affordable professional development to enable you to be an ideal teacher.

    How to thrive and survive in your classroom.
    How to create your ideal classroom
    How to motivate tour students
    How to maintain your students' attention and keep them on task without screaming, pleading or burning yourself out?”

    You actually get 4 books for the price of one. 100% money back guarantee.

    Teachers' Professional Development

    An ecourse, ebook in public speaking for anyone especially teachers

    Public Speaking

    Breakthrough Public Speaking System That Will Have You Speaking at Assemblies Without Being Terrified!

    If you dont benefit from this book there is a 100% guaranteed refund.

    Public Speaking

    Mind maps or accelerated learning for schools, colleges, students and teachers.

    Mind Maps

    MindMaps creator Tony Buzan offers schools and colleges the latest techniques in helping their students to

    Improve their memory
    Learn faster
    Organise better
    Communicate clearer
    Become more creative
    Save time
    Increase their productivity

    You will find free downloads, video tutorials and interesting articles at his website www.iMindMap.com

    Memory Improvement Techniques

    Books And Software To Learn Memory Improvement Techniques Written By The World's Greatest Mentalist. Dr Mike Teitelbaum

    Teach your subject in a new way
    Boost your memory up to 1000%
    Remember the names and faces of colleagues.
    Master public speaking by memorizing speeches easily.
    Teach your children/students how to get straight "A"s in school.
    Never lose your car keys, cell phone, pager, or day-planner again.
    Learn a foreign language in weeks not years. Write difficult exams with ease and never worry about failing again.
    Extract business contact names from your memory instantly without effort.

    Memory Improvement Techniques

    Teachers Gifts

    Go on treat a colleague to a nice little gift for helping you. Or, if one of your students is asking for gift ideas for teachers then this might be the place to go

    Personalized Teacher Gifts from PersonalizationMall.com

    A DVD showing an inspirational film clip

    Inspirational and Motivational DVDs

    As a teacher or trainer we highly recommend showing or discussing Film Clips
    that inspire and motivate. You will see from our list there are films that will help you help your students to do the following:

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase determination and persistence
  • Instil a positive mental attitude
  • Go on a journey to find their talents, skills and abilities
  • Achieve their goals and objectives
  • Succeed
  • You can order any of the film clips by clicking on its picture. Enjoy our film slideshow.

    Inspirational, Motivational, Educational Books

    A lot of what we do comes from the many Human Growth and Development books we have in our own library. We recommend you have a look at our book list where you will find subjects such as Accelerated Learning, Lateral Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. You can order any book by clicking on the picture.

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