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Why is it some teachers can have great relationships with their students and bring out the best in them and other teachers struggle no matter what they do or try? Well, you may be interested in the following techniques especially if you believe great teacher student relationships lead to success!

Researchers at Boston University Medical School studying communication did two things. First, they looked at films of people having conversations and noticed not only conscious verbal communication but more importantly unconscious non-verbal communication.

They began to see that people actually synchronised tiny body movements such as eye blinks, head nods and finger movements. The more in tune they were the more the synchronisation of movements.

They then connected people up to electroencepholagraphs and saw that those in rapport were synchronising brain spikes. These tests showed that people could communicate at a deeper level and gain another's attention or get on their ‘wavelength’.

Rapport is where we feel at ease with someone, trust them, like them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have that kind of student teacher relationship!

To develop rapport you have to mirror or match the behaviours of students through:

  1. Breathing at the same rate and rhythm. Which can be done when you are doing 1:1s.
  2. Hand, arm, head, eye, body movements.
  3. Pace tone and rhythm of voice
  4. Using their language type: Visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, “I see…” “I hear…” “I feel...”

You can also cross-match by matching one of their behaviours with a different behaviour. For instance, their head nods with your finger taps.

Mirroring or matching should be done elegantly and should be respectful to the other person. You are not apeing or mimicking them. You are doing it to gain a sense of trust and connection between you. You must use it ethically.

A strong teacher student relationship is crucial to success and it will greatly enhance a student teachers expectation of their chosen career.

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