Teacher Training Course

How to Engage, Motivate and Help Young People Realise Their Full Potential

How to Engage, Motivate and Help Young People Realise Their Full Potential is the course we created in order to pass over to you our experience of working with many thousands of young people.

It is also based on our own experience of life. (One of the creators of the this course came from a disengaged background).

Our aim is to give you the tried and tested tools that we have used with good effect. We know they will work for you.

The personal benefits for teachers are:

  • learning how to focus your students using hook activities
  • learning how to achieve greater rapport
  • learning how to stay in control using our stress-busting techniques
  • understanding the nature of attitudes and behaviours
  • knowing what buttons to press to motivate students

    The course contents:

  • How to help young people motivate themselves away from failure
  • How to instil confidence and hope in those with low self-esteem
  • How to get rid of negative thinking
  • How to stimulate creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • How to enhance the learning experience for low-achievers
  • How to use the body’s own resources to de-stress your pupils

    The course is stimulating, interesting and fun. Please see our Teacher Testimonials for feedback.

    If you would like to book a course (UK only - at the moment) please contact us giving us your full requirements.

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