Teaching Lesson Plans

teaching lesson plans

These Teaching Lesson Plans are Different. They have been created for teachers who wish to inspire and motivate their students towards achievement. (from age 9 upwards)

If, like us, you believe that the greatest barriers to learning are not cognitive but social, emotional and motivational then these are for you.

They have been designed to help young people find their inner strengths, talents, skills and abilities.

They focus on esteem and confidence building, positive beliefs, problem solving, why education is important, stress reduction and much more.

They have been created from our work with over 80,000 young people since 1999 many of whom lacked motivation, had low confidence and low self-esteem or low expectations.

Each Teaching Lesson Plan is designed to be presented within a 30 to 60 minute period. They all come with Handouts. And, you can use them over and over again.

Teaching Lesson Plans

    Ten Reasons why you should use our Teaching Lesson Plans

    1. They will definitely add value to the good work that you are doing.

    2. They will help you get your students out of their Comfort Zones and moving forward.

    3. They will get your students focused to their education.

    4. They will stimulate self-belief and positive thinking.

    5. They will get your students moving in the right direction especially for those who are lazy or apathetic.

    6. They will increase self-esteem and confidence.

    7. They will strengthen your relationships with your students.

    8. They will help you help young people with their behavioural problems.

    9. They will help your students find their skills, talents and abilities
    10. They are unique

    Teaching Lesson Plans

    why education is important

    Why Education is Important to Your Future. This Teaching Lesson Plan is especially for those young people who think school is boring or who are being pulled away from their education by peer pressure. It is a hard-hitting lesson that looks at what the future would be like with no education. It is motivation by fear and paints worst scenarios and looks at the link between education and career choice.

    revision techniques accelerated learning

    Accelerated Learning Technique for Exams. This lesson plan presents a technique that will definitely increase your students' learning and recall. In approximately 60 minutes you can have your students memorising on average, 50 plus items of information in chronological order. It proves that when we apply ourselves we have some amazing abilities. This is a useful lesson plan for those young people sitting exams.

    teaching lesson plans lateral thinking

    Lateral Thinking 1. This Teaching Lesson Plan is for stimulating right brain activity. The right brain is the creative brain. It is where everything in the non-natural world was created. Creative thinkers include inventors, designers, song writers, poets, artists, etc. The lesson plan consists of a series of fun problems that help engage and focus your students to their creative side. It is an interactive, fun and educational Teaching Lesson Plan.

    teaching lesson plans lateral thinking

    Lateral Thinking 2. This Teaching Lesson Plan proves we can all be creative. Anyone can invent or design something. The only question is will it be popular enough for people to be interested in it? This lesson plan follows on from Lateral Thinking 1 and continues to build the right brain. It focuses students to an everyday item and asks them to look at it with a view to coming up with something more effective.

    teaching lesson plans great lessons

    Great lessons in how to treat other people and bring up your children. This Teaching Lesson Plan looks at a famous poem that was penned back in the fifties and is still popular today. It instils important values and beliefs in your students and gets them thinking about relationships especially future relationships with their own children. It is a very powerful lesson plan that will stimulate your students and help them grow into kind, caring, thoughtful adults.

    teaching lesson plans wheel of life

    Wheel of Life. This Lesson Plan poses a series of questions and answers which then produces a wheel chart showing where each young person spends their time and energy. It focuses on the important things in life like health, relationships, personal interests and activities, community and self-improvement. It also looks at where they need to devote more of their time and energy in the future. It is highly interactive teaching lesson plan.

    teaching lesson plans positive beliefs

    Positive Beliefs to live by each day. This Lesson Plan focuses on powerful words. Words create. Words can create emotion. Words can change moods. Words can even change people and events. These words can change a young person's life especially if they are going through some adversity. These are our core beliefs that inspire and motivate. This lesson plan defines and creates a discussion on each one of them.

    teaching lesson plans role models

    Role Models and why we need them. This Lesson Plan looks at some great inspirational role models and what they did to overcome the challenges in their lives. It is a powerful lesson plan that looks at success in the face of adversity. It makes young people think about their problems and challenges in life and how they deal with them. It also gets them thinking about what role models they have in their lives.

    teaching lesson plans stress reduction

    Stress Reduction. This Teaching Lesson Plan presents a Rhythmic Diaphragm Breathing technique that shows students how to de-stress and calm themselves. If your young people are prone to stress or have behavioural problems then this is a must. This technique really works. If you can get your young people using this technique regularly they will benefit greatly as they will be less stressed, more focused to their studies and be more in control of their emotions. The technique can be practised in their own time.

    teaching lesson plans personal achievements

    Personal Achievements. This Self Esteem Lesson Plan takes students through the positives in their lives and is a great interactive exercise. It gets them looking at and re-experiencing all their achievements, thinking through the problems that they overcame, the times when they helped others, all the sincere and genuine compliments they have been paid and times when they have been happy and or proud. THIS LESSON PLAN IS FREE, TOGETHER WITH Three OTHER GIFTS, WHEN YOU JOIN OUR FREE MOTIVATION NEWSLETTER - TOP LEFT

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