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Teaching is a lifelong journey of discovery and constant learning. Here you will find some great articles and downloads on the subjects below. These will help you in your everyday teaching just as they have helped us to help the thousands of participants on our courses.

Our aim is to publish new and exciting Teaching Methods that are being used by Teachers all over the world. If you have an interesting, exciting or accelerated way of teaching a subject that would help the many teachers and students who visit this site please go to Teach Me

Accelerated Learning You will find some great information here about how we learn which may help you to teach more effectively. There are also some great resources for you especially a link to one of the best accelerated learning books ever written by Dr Jeanette Vos.

Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is about we communicate with ourself (intrapersonal) and how we communicate with others (interpersonal). Also some good links to other resources.

Lateral Thinking If you want to teach your students (and yourself) how to use the right (creative) side of their brain then this is for you. You will have fun going through all the Lateral Thinking problems posed here. Enjoy.

Student Teacher Survival Guide This is obviously for you new teachers and also for you teachers who may want to learn something new. You will find a list of useful ideas to enhance your experience.

Subliminal Communication Can our subconscious mind actually pick up things that our conscious can't? Can we use subliminal communication to enhance the learning process? You make your mind up.

The Pygmalion Effect Your body language and tone of voice communicates much more than the actual words you use. That is why some people have a 'feel' about a person or a situation that other people don't. And, they are nearly always right.

The Teaching Circle Just try this. You may find that your students actually enjoy being taught in this way.

Teacher Student Rapport An interesting technique to use. This is one of those Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques that seem to work effectively.

Please visit us soon as we will be adding to the above on a regular basis

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