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Teaching Teacher Teach
Effective Teaching Strategies and Survival Guide for Teachers is full of excellent teaching and learning techniques together with personal development techniques. It is based on our experience of working with over 50,000 young people since 1999 and is for teachers at all levels of experience.

50% of teachers leave within 5 years!!
Research shows that up to 50% of teachers in the USA and the UK will leave the teaching profession within the first 5 years. Don't be one of them. This book will show you how to take control of situations in your everyday work and life, be more assertive when dealing with parents and bosses, and, less stressed by the pressures of your job.

Teaching Teacher Teach covers many subjects.

Motivation in the Classroom
Learn how to bring the best out in your young people. Inspire them using our stories of courage and achievement.

How to Think Positively
Do you have a negative voice that is extremely controlling? Learn how to control and eventually get rid of it using these simple self-help techniques.

How to Control Anxiety and Reduce Fear
Most people have a fear of something that often leads to anxiety if they allow it. You will find two amazing techniques that could make a huge difference and give you a freedom you never thought possible.

Hook Activities to Focus Young People
You will find a wealth of new, exciting things to do with your young people. Become that inspirational teacher whose classes are always popular.

Accelerated Learning
Learn how to teach more effectively using simple techniques. Teach your young people memory techniques to help them learn your subject.

Your communication style
Learn about different communication styles and what your dominant style is - visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Creating a Positive Atmosphere in your Classroom
Get some great ideas for your classroom. Create a new, vibrant, positive and welcoming atmosphere for your young people.

Self-Esteem and Confidence
Learn how to love and repect yourself through those personal problems and challenges in your life.

Teaching with Creativity and Passion
Learn about some of the great teachers in the world. Learn what they did to inspire many young people.

Inspirational Teachers Quotes
Be inspired by some of the greatest quotes for and about teachers.

Motivational Books and Films
You will find a list of our favourite books and films to help you inspire and motivate your young people.

Resources for Teachers
Find a wealth of resources, many free, that will help you become a great and popular teacher.

Stress-Busting Techniques and Information
We believe that lack of control and excessive bureaucracy creates stress which leads to many teachers leaving the profession. You will find some powerful stress-busting techniques in the book that will empower you in many situations. No more pulling your hair out with frustration.

You will be able to deal with the paperwork, the bureaucracy, the bullying bosses and parents, and the challenging kids more effectively than ever before.

There are numerous free downloads of books, motivational posters and self-help techniques within the book.

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Second Bonus
A Free Motivational Slideshow that gives your students many positive beliefs and actions. This slideshow is worth $49.

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