Teen Stress

Your greatest challenge might be to learn to love yourself.

Here are some of the biggest causes of Teen Stress


Without a doubt one of the biggest pressures you teenagers face today. Why? Because drugs are everywhere.

Drugs can be obtained easily and for not too much money. They are glamourised all over the media. Big stars take them. They act as crutches and take you away from any bad stuff in your life.

They seem to relax you. You have to take them because all your friends are taking them.

And, for you parents out there who think your sons and daughters will never take drugs, the teenagers that we work with in schools and colleges tell us that anywhere from 50% upwards have tried them. This also applies to alcohol.

Why you shouldn’t touch drugs.

  • They kill you
  • They destroy your health
  • They destroy your sanity
  • They turn you psychotic
  • The downside is worse than the upside
  • You have nothing to prove by taking them
  • They take away your ability to be responsible
  • They turn you into a follower and not a leader
  • You need to face all your problems yourself and not with drugs
  • Because you would never want your kids to take them
  • Parents

    Don’t you just hate them at times. Getting in the way. Stopping you from running about with some of your friends. Expecting you to be in by a certain time.

    Always asking questions. Making decisions for you. Always disagreeing with what you say. Telling you what to do with your life. Stopping you from smoking, drinking and taking drugs. Giving you a hard time when you feel lazy.

    Well, one day you will probably be the same because you will want to protect your kids too. You will want to make sure they are safe.

    You will do anything to see them happy. You will ensure that no-one ever hurts them. You will do what it takes to keep them away from drugs and alcohol. You will keep loving them because they are the closest thing in your life.

    So, stop getting stressed-up over your parents and see the world from their point of view. Yes of course they make wrong decisions and can go overboard every now and then but go with the flow. Teen stress is caused by the way you react to things.

    One of the secrets of great communication is to never show anger. It is contagious. Keep cool, calm and collected and talk to your parents in a mature way. You may even get them round to your way of thinking about certain things.

    One day they won’t be there and that is when you will regret everything bad that you ever said or did to them.

    Peer pressure

    Did you know that you are so unique there is no-one like you, never has been and never will be. Yet many, many teenagers all over the world are in danger of losing that uniqueness and even their identity, to others.

    Who in their right mind would lose their personality, character, strengths and qualities to someone else. Well it is happening!

    I see it everyday.

    I see it when a teenager does something for somebody that they don’t really want to do.

    I see it when a teenager takes drugs or alcohol just to please someone else.

    I see it when teenagers are coaxed away from school and their education by so called 'friends' to get up to mischief.

    I see it when stronger characters bully weaker characters.

    I see it in teenagers who join gangs to get acceptance and significance.

    I see it in weak teenagers who look up to and copy negative role models.

    I see it in teenagers who do all these things because they have been abused, rejected and never experienced real love. They do it because maybe it gives them some sort of significance which they think they badly need in life.

    If this is you then from today look at yourself. Who do you want to be? A nobody living in someone’s else’s shadow or a person that can stand up on their own two feet with dignity and know that you made this world a better place for you and your kids.


    School is rubbish. I can’t see the point in it. Why do I need to go to school when I can go out and work and earn some money?

    These were my thoughts when I was a teenager. Now that I have the benefit of hindsight I can see how wrong my perceptions were back then.

    Your school gives you an education and education equals knowledge. Now make this stick until the day you die. KNOWLEDGE EQUALS POWER. Without knowledge you have nothing.

    Your education is for your future. Your education will probably determine how you live, how much money you earn, what car you drive, the size of house you live in, the number and quality of holidays you take, the comforts in your life. But, most importantly, your education is for your kids.

    You are the one they will come to for help with their homework. You are the one they will expect all the answers from. You are the one who is responsible for their upbringing.

    If you feel stressed with school then you are looking at it from a negative point of view. Once you see it in a positive way teen stress will disappear and you will automatically do what you have to do to get good grades.

  • School = Education
  • Education = Knowledge
  • Knowledge = Power
  • Power = Respect
  • Respect = Happiness


    I wish I was taller, more beautiful and could have as many friends as my some of my other friends. I wish people would find me more attractive and invite me to all the parties. I wish I could be always be relaxed and not moody all the time. I wish, I wish, I wish….

    One of the secrets of life is knowing that you don’t need to be all these things if you have this one thing in your life and that is……


    The day you begin to love and respect yourself is the day you begin to shine in the world. It’s the day you begin to find everything that’s good about who you really are.

    When you love and respect yourself you treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend. You treat your best friend in a way that makes her or him want you as a best friend. You are loved back in the same way. That’s what happens. You love yourself back respectfully and you begin to see what’s really great about who you are.

    If you think you need height or beauty or to have a great body to be noticed in this world, think again. Look out into the world and you will see many people whose image is amazing and yet they are not the tallest, slimmest, most beautiful person. They found their inner self.

    Oh by the way, when you begin to love and respect yourself, you feel better about who you are. You are less stressed which means that you are less moody. You experience more positive emotions. All of a sudden your friends are wondering where this ‘new you’ came from.


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