The Best Teacher

by Sarah
(South Brunswick NJ)

I had the best teacher in the whole world. He was fun, funny, told great stories, is Italian, and had amazing teaching skills. My teacher made us laugh, and always thought of something fun to do. He may be in his 50s, but he sure did not look it! I know it sounds as if we learned nothing in the fifth grade, but to be honest, I learned more in fifth grade then I did in any other grade. He taught us 7th grade curriculum in math because he noticed we as normal 5th grade math students, we were doing great. Not all of it was seventh grade though. My teacher also had a throne. It had a Boston Red Sox blanket on it and on the last day of the best year ever, he broke it with a hammer, signed it and gave the prices to us. (Don't worry, he made are there were no sharp edges. )My teacher cared about our safety. He assured us that we would always be safe there. I believed him. My teacher was a pro football player. He trained with the giants, and played for a Canadian team. He was very strong. All my friends were in different classes did not like my teacher because they were bad and got in trouble and hated him and his teachings. I told them otherwise. No one can know how nice, and warm hearted my teacher was unless they were in his class. Yes, he was the scariest person in the school, but it was not my mom that taught me most of my valuable life lessons. For the best part: Mr. Mal was his name. I can't compare any other teacher in the whole world to him. If you don't believe me, go find someone from his class and ask them. I am trying to tell you that this was the perfect teacher and had all the perfect qualities. You would be lucky to meet him.

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