Tracy Vass

by tracy vass
(victoria australia)

I think that the only way to help someone in this situation is for the child/children to get as much support as possible from any source - preferably however through a local G.P.,Counsellor or Psychiatrist.

If the parents are both unable to provide a great deal of emotional,physical and material support an outside professional can help. The child's teacher can be useful but if the child is being consistently abused at home an outside professional needs to support him/her or they will be damaged at home anyway by the words or deeds of the abusive parent/carer.
The more positive input any child receives will help him/her to develop into a better equipped person to deal with the world. Obviously the more money time positive reinforcement reward etc. anyone receives over time has a positive effect on them. Likewise the less money time reinforcement reward and then worse abuse a child receives the lower they slip on the radar.
We may not live in an ideal world but every human being is ultimately the product of many experiences and hopefully even the damaged or walking wounded can definitely improve with a great deal of positive input and experiences. Some will argue that damaged people are too difficult to save but everyone can improve with a lot of care time and investment.
Most people will acknowledge that love can heal a great many wounds.

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