wish to have a true best friend?

by haseebunissa

Each one us need a person whom we can be our self with;talk with:laugh with:share with:hope with and believe with.Is it not?But the problem arises in choosing them because its very difficult to find a true companion these days.Numerous people have innumerable expectations of how their best buddies to be,but none be exactly the way we want.In common affairs of life,it happens that the person whom we want to be with forever will already be made for someone,the hands which we want to hold will already be held by someone, the heart in which we want to live will already be filled with someone,Many who do not have true best friends set their mind with a faulty convictions such as,they don't deserve any one or no one deserves them.There is nothing of that sort.The only thing we frequently forget is,"No one is born to live up to others expectations".And to the one who have best friends"you may have trust on your best friend that he/she will never leave you,but how could you trust your fate?".We should always keep in mind that time has the capability to change everything in this world.I m damn sure that many are well aware of the fact that"Nothing is permanent in this world".Then how do you expect that your best buddies are permanent?Many think that having a best friend is a heavenly pleasure ,but why do we expect our happiness in the hands of others?

From my point of view, only WE can be the best companion for ourselves.No one can be as best as us.Think for a while.
"Can anyone shed tears for us more than our two eyes"
"Can any hands wipe our tears for every time we cry more than our two hands?"
"Can any one understand us more than our own heart?"
If there is a person who has been with us from the day we are born and will be with us till the day we die,then that's no one but we,a true companion for ourselves

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